To lose weight, you can’t out-train a bad diet

The next few months are torturous for anyone wanting to maintain or lose weight. Firstly there is the colder temperatures and darker mornings and evenings. Somehow, it is just easier to eat salads when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Cold weather equals comfort food. And comfort food equals more calories. One way to keep your mind focused on staying trim, fit and healthy over the prolonged festive period is to set some goals along the way. Continue reading

The importance of recovery time

Exercising your muscles is the only way to make then stronger. Cardio vascular activity such as running, cycling and swimming are the best ways to get fitter. However, it is not during the actual exercise workout that improvement occurs. The workout will break down muscle tissue, it is the recovery process that is critical to becoming fitter. Continue reading

The unstable benefits of sandbag training

One of the most important pieces of understanding that anyone contemplating a weight training programme should possess, is knowing how to promote good stability within your workout. Simply looking at the amount of weight being lifted can be misleading and can lead to injury. The instability of a weight and the position of our body may be more important in stimulating muscle movement than the heaviness of the weight Continue reading