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2018 Fitness trends

A glimpse into the future: 2018 fitness trends

Motivating ourselves to stay healthy often means looking for new challenges or new ways of keeping fit. So we are taking a look at 2018 fitness trends and working out what will be hot in the New Year.

Last year the big news was well-being and mental health. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga really took off as we sought ways to escape or cope with the 24/7 lifestyle we now lead. With well-being well and truly mastered, we think that 2018 fitness trends will involve playing hard, using technology to its utmost and exercising with our nearest and dearest – which includes our pets.

So, as always, Kelsey Kerridge likes to stay ahead of the game, so here are some of the 2018 fitness trends you should look out for in the coming months.

Play the game

At times it seems as if our entire lives are planned to the ‘nth’ degree, so for many of us, exercise is the chance to break out of the shackles of lists and super-organisation and well… just move. Our bodies were made to move in all sorts of ways, not in an one-dimensional, rigid training regime, so occasionally it does no harm to act a little crazy. Park games such as Ultimate Frisbee or tag rugby will get you moving, laughing and burning calories. Dancing, skipping, climbing trees – any form of unorganised movement that gets your heart rate up, your breathing faster and puts a burn in your muscles. If you need a name for it then let’s call it Mindful Movement.

Working out at home

While we are a gym and we like to see people coming through our doors, we are also aware that sometimes you just cannot fit a gym session into your day. Equally, you might be working away and the only space to exercise is your hotel room. We think this is the year that live-streamed classes will be one of the big 2018 fitness trends. Being able to log in and let an online instructor take you through your paces is an efficient way to get a work out.

Family time

When you have children it seems like a complete impossibility to get good workouts in, but at #FitFam Boot Camp, the instructors have built a programme that incorporates adults and children exercising together. Examples include parents running with children on their backs, weighted hula hoop contests and modified races – the classes get everyone sweating and allows both parents and children both get a good work out. You don’t need much equipment to set up your own Fit Family fitness class.

The same applies to exercising with your pet. Running with your dog will burn off the pounds – and if you don’t mind some odd looks at the local park, try throwing a ball or stick for your dog but then add your own sprint session in by chasing after it as well.

DNA testing

The final prediction in our 2018 fitness trends is for the increased use of DNA testing to work out what exercises and training programme suits you best. Genetic testing will tell you more about how you are built so you can change your lifestyle to fit your biology – this means you will have the knowledge to tailor your fitness regime for the best results.