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A jolt to the body systems

Summer is almost here and one of the things playing at the back of our minds when we are planning our fitness sessions is the thought of how we will look when we hit the beaches and parks this summer.

Whether you are surf dude, a beach bum or simply someone who wants to look okay in a pair of shorts of a bikini, then now is the time you need to start thinking about toning the muscles and trimming that slight excess around the waist that has developed over the winter months.

Changing Fitness Routines – for the better

One of the first things you can do is change your routine so that your body is jolted into working harder. If you are following a training regime for any length of time, then your body will adapt to the stress your exercise is putting on it. This means the muscles, heart and lungs all adapt so they can cope with the work load. While this is great for efficiency, it does mean that you have to work harder to lose weight.

You can shock your body into harder work by just making a few alterations to your regime. If you already run 10k on the treadmill or on the pavements of Cambridge, then continue with 10k, but add some changes in pace.

Here is a sample running session:
1. Run 1k at ‘normal’ pace.
2. Run 1k at varied pace – 200m normal, 200m at faster pace, repeat 5 times.
3. Run 1k at normal pace.
4. Run 1k at a faster pace than normal.
5. Run 1k at normal pace.
6. Run the next 2k using pyramid training principles – 5 x 100m s
prints with 100m recovery jog between each sprint; 3 x 200m sprint with 100m recovery jog; 1 x 300m sprint.

7. Run the next 1k at normal pace.
8. Run the final 1k as fast as you can.

You can use the same principle in any aerobic activity, swimming, stepping or cycling.

Circuits are another great way to jolt your body into working harder.

Whether you join a circuit class at Outlooks Gym or whether you do your own circuit in your front room or in a park, circuits involve whole body movements that will get muscles pumping hard and your cardiovascular system working to get oxygen to your muscles.

Here is a simple circuit that you can do just about anywhere:
1. Shutttle sprints – sprint from a base to markers set at 5, 10 and 15 metre distances. Repeat x 3
2. Push ups with feet on a bench – repeat x 20
3. Crunchies – repeat x 25
4. Burpees – repeat x 15
5. Push up jacks – push up with enough explosive power to lift your body from the ground. Repeat x 10
6. Shadow boxing – three minutes of boxing moves, including squats and different arm movements.
7. Jumping lunges – repeat x 30
8. Tricep – on a bench or tree trunk – repeat x 25
9. Plank x 1 minute

Repeat the whole circuit three times.

The whole idea of jolting your body into working harder is centred around two principles – you either work harder or work differently. Talk to your fitness instructors or personal trainers to get more ideas on changing your routine.