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Boxercise punches above its weight

Women using punching bag






If you are after a great all-over work out that tones muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness then you can do no better than boxercise.

Why boxercise

Boxercise is just one of the many classes we run at Kelsey Kerridge. For those who are new to the idea, boxercise is effectively, boxing without the pain of being punched.

It is based on the training concepts used by boxers to keep fit – and let’s face it, the toned abs, wiry torso and rock hard biceps are the envy of any fitness fanatic – and can be used by anyone of any fitness level.

What is boxercise?

Classes involve a variety of moves and techniques, such as shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, pressups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. It is usually accompanied by music and is a safe, fun and challenging way to get a good, all-over workout.

Who can do boxercise?

Boxing training is suitable for anyone, no matter what size, shape or gender. A lot of boxing training is about discipline, and it can apply to other areas of your life. When you start to take an interest in your fitness, you will find that your eating and drinking habits can often improve significantly too.

Boxing is also great from a mental health aspect too. It releases aggression in a controlled and channeled way; it helps your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence; it helps you to focus and increases levels of concentration.

Here are the benefits:

  • Increases mental agility: Sports behavioural studies have shown that the training techniques adopted by boxers using punchbags and sparring lead to superior decision-making skills.
  • Improves hand- eye coordination:… on both the left and right side of the body. Unlike asymmetrical sports such as tennis and golf, your body improves evenly on both sides, reducing postural misalignment.
  • Increases stamina: Research from the Indian Journal of Medicine has estimated that boxing is 70%-80% anaerobic (high-intensity) and 20%-30% aerobic; training increases stamina in heart and lungs.
  • Raises core strength: To take a punch and hold your balance, your abdominals need to be strong and toned – this strong core stability can reduce the risk of back pain and improve posture.
  • Strengthens muscles: Boxing improves muscle strength used in everyday activities, as well as the ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibres required for shorter, more explosive movements.

On the downside, when you first start boxercise, you might find your knuckles and wrists are a little sore, purely because these are parts of your body that rarely get a tough workout. Make sure you are wearing a good pair of gloves when punching the bag and do stretch and manipulate your arms, wrists and fingers before and after a workout to increase their flexibility.

What to wear:

You certainly do not need silk shorts and a singlet. Your usual gym wear is perfectly adequate for boxercise. You will also need to take plenty of water, which you should sip throughout the class to remain hydrated. A towel is also a good idea, as you are likely to sweat a lot in the hit and challenging environment.

For more information on boxercise at Kelsey Kerridge, chat to one of the friendly gym team or visit the website to find a class.