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Boxing your way to fitness

one to one boxing class

You might not fancy going 10 rounds in a boxing ring, but the benefits of attending boxing classes are enormous. And you never have to strike a blow in anger.

The boxercise class at Kelsey Kerridge is a great place to learn the fundamentals of boxing. It provides you with a fantastic workout; and classes are always social and fun.

You can either become a regular in the boxing class or join occasionally to add variety to your workout regime. But we believe taking part regularly in boxercise is something from which everyone can benefit.

What can you expect from a boxercise class?

Classes follow a variety of formats. Typically, you will do some shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking and hitting punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-truns/starjumps/burpees and work on the core. The classes are suitable for mixed ability and mixed gender groups and there is no physical hitting an opponent.

The physical benefits of boxing

Taking part in a boxercise class will give you an immense cardio workout. You are moving constantly, changing pace as you move around, throwing punches and absorbing the power of other boxers when doing pair work. There are regular high intensity sections within each hour-long session, so you will really be giving your heart and lungs a good workout.

Research quoted in the Indian Journal of Medicine has estimated that boxing is 70-80 per cent anaerobic or high intensity work. The remainder is aerobic. So an hours’ session really will leave you feeling as if you have been the full 12 rounds… without the black eye to prove it!

Muscles take a hit

Besides providing a high tempo cardio workout, boxing also requires a lot of upper body strength. Whether you are working with a punchbag or a set of pads against partner, you will soon feel the burn in your shoulders and back in particular. The instructors will also add in some leg work, such as squats and lunges, so boxing really gives you a good all-over muscle conditioning workout as well.

Coordination, balance and agility are three physical attributes that will be greatly enhanced by regular boxing sessions. Combining punch moves, reacting to other people’s movements on the punch pads, and moving rapidly from side to side or back and forth are all ways in which you will be working your motor skills. While you are not actually avoiding punches, you will be ducking and diving and changing your angle of attack, mirroring the moves that professional boxers make in the ring.

Boxing stress-buster

Not only does boxing give a great physical workout, it is also a fantastic stress-buster too. Punching a bag or pads releases muscle tension and, if you enter the gym in an angry frame of mind, boxing can be used symbolically to get rid of that emotion. Once you have hit a punchbag a few times, you will feel any aggression drain away and you will feel much calmer and more relaxed.

Exercise, in general, releases endorphins. These boost your mood and increases energy levels. With boxing, you get the double positive mental boost of releasing stress and increasing the ‘good’ vibes. There is also evidence that the training techniques used by boxers leads to superior decision-making skills in every day life.

There is also a sense of increased confidence in your physical ability. You will have  improved reaction times and learnt how to punch hard. You will generally feel fitter and stronger, so your self confidence levels will rise after just a few classes.