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Exercising when you are short of time

Exercising when you are short of time

Bring short of time is one of the most common reasons people give when they say they don’t get enough exercise.

Work, family, social life. The list of things that get in the way of a workout is long and seemingly insurmountable. The results are often feelings of frustration and guilt, neither of which emotions are healthy.

Taking a different approach when you are short of time is key to ensuring that you remain fit and healthy in body and mind. The ideas we have outlined below will not replace the satisfaction and results you will achieve from regular 40-60 minute exercise sessions but at least they will keep things ticking over when you are chronically short of time.

Take a desk break

Keep a set of light weight by your desk and every so often stop work, get up and do a few sets of weights. Bicep curls, squats, dumbbell flyes, shoulder presses, you can get really imaginative with your routine and, if you take five x 10 minute breaks during the day, you will have done a respectable 50 minutes of weights by the time you pack up to go home in the evening.

Take the stairs

If you work in an office with stairs always take the stairs and avoid the lift. If you have some spare minutes take a desk break and do a few sets of stairs. Add a 20 minute walk up and down the stairs during your lunch break.

Skip lunch and go skipping

Take a skipping rope to work. During a break you can pop on your trainers and do a 10-15 minute skipping session in the car park. Skipping is a brilliant cardio workout and improves coordination as well.

Walk and talk

If you and a colleague have a problem to solve, suggest that you go for a walk to help you see things clearly. By leaving the work environment and getting some extra oxygen into your body you will often find a clarity of thought that is missing while you are in the office.

Change your travel plans

Start to walk or cycle at least part of the way to work. If you get the train or bus, consider getting off one stop early and walking or cycling the remainder of the route. If you drive, park at a Park and Ride and then cycling the final stretch to the office.

Stretch at your desk

Add a few stretches into your life as you sit at your desk. This will help you feel a little more energised. Every 40 minutes just take a few minutes to flex your muscles. Stretch your arms and legs and do some twists. Visit Yoga with Adriene for some ideas for exercises you can do while seated.

Start a weekly exercise group

You may be able to persuade others at work to join you on a weekly exercise activity. Try suggesting a lunchtime running club or an exercise class. As more of your work colleagues get the fitness bug, exercise could become a part of the office culture.

With all of these ideas, don’t be shy about telling your work colleagues. You may find you inspire others to start moving, stretching and exercising more and that is good news for everyone.

For further ideas on adding some exercise into your daily life, talk to one of the trainers in the Outlooks Gym.