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Keeping fit and healthy in face of virus







After four months of strict lockdown due to the Corona virus or Covid-19, gyms across the UK were allowed to re-open. In July, to the relief of the multitude of gym-goers, exercise-seekers and people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, the government finally lifted the restrictions after they realised that gyms and leisure centres were able to offer very safe  and controlled environments for their customers. 

Gyms at forefront of fight against the virus

This is good news for a number of reasons, social, economic and health-based, but predominantly, it is important because the gym and leisure sector play a huge role in helping the population stay fit and healthy. As the Covid-19 virus continues to make its malign presence felt, staying fit and healthy has never been more important.

Customers at Kelsey Kerridge Outlooks Gym and free weights gym will be delighted to see a return to action after four months of closure. They will be doubly delighted at the approach taken by the management team and staff at the centre.

Cleanliness tops job-list

Cleanliness and hygiene has always been a top priority for manager Liane Shadrack and her team. Now it is THE priority. “Every one of the staff is now a cleaner”, says Shadrack, underpinning the point that keeping customers safe from the virus is everyone’s responsibility.

The gym is also blessed by the fact that the windows can open, allowing fresh air to circulate freely. There is plenty of space, so social distancing while using machines is not an issue. Markers indicate distances between stations. The gym is bright and airy. It is obvious that the team has given hours of thought to how customers can exercise hard but in total safety.

Regular exercise leads to healthy minds and bodies

All of which indicates that people who go to the gym are no more at risk than any other members of the population. And, as pointed out earlier in the article, by staying fit in every other way, people who take regular exercise will be building up a defence system better equipped to deal with the virus. 

As we head back to the gym and a workout routine, it is worth taking a few moments to remind ourselves of why we do it.

The routine of regular exercise boost the metabolism. This helps us attain and maintain a healthy weight. Exercise also lowers blood pressure, thus improving heart health and circulation.3 Way Combo fitness class

There is also the mental benefits of regular exercise. According to research from, among others, Oxford University, going to the gym can reduce the number of poor mental health days by more than 20 per cent. Another study by researchers at Harvard University found that regular 35 minute session spent on the treadmill, rowing machine or cross trainer lowered the risk of depression by 17 per cent. 

Plus points of regular gym habits

Whether it is endurance activities, such as running, cycling or rowing, or weight-lifting and strength and conditioning exercises, the benefits are immense. Weight loss, toning, prevention of injury, boosting the immune system, warding off mental health issues – these are just a few of the plus points of getting into the gym on a regular basis. 

There is no doubting the fact that the gym landscape has changed since the Covid-19 restrictions, but one thing remains the same – regular exercise is good for your physical and mental health. We are doing all we can to make sure that you can continue to look after your health in a safe and welcoming environment.

 You can check out the ways in which Kelsey Kerridge is keeping customers safe via information on the website, through social media or by calling and speaking to one of our reception staff.