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Refresh your routine this spring time

Spring time always brings a sense of renewal and re-charge. Whether this means giving your home a spring clean or having a monumental clear out of all the paperwork that has gathered on your work desk, it is often seen as a time for change.

Spring time makeover

This can apply to your workout routine too. With spring time, comes the opportunity to move your training outdoors, to run or cycle in the evenings or to head to the park for an impromptu football game.

The mornings are also lighter, so that resolution to get up early and do some exercise before work, school or college suddenly becomes achievable.

Changing human nature

Human nature does mean that we tend to avoid too much change. We truly are creatures of habit, but it is important to remember that with fitness, changing routines is essential to keep improving.

The mind and body experiences boredom when a workout activity has become just too routine. Signs that you are ready for a change include.

You no longer feel a sense of joy for an activity.
You stop seeing results or progress.
You watch the clock during the session.
You don’t feel energised after completing a workout.

If you are considering a spring time change to your fitness routine, then it is worth taking a moment to reflect on what you need to adjust, what you need to axe from the routine, or what you need to add.

Here are three questions which might prompt a change to your routine.

Does my current workout routine match my fitness goals?
Does my routine still excite me and bring me joy – what parts don’t?
Do I feel challenged physically?

If, upon reflection, you feel your fitness routine definitely needs a spring time makeover, then here are some ideas.

Take your workout outside. A change of venue is sometimes the perfect antidote to boredom. Try a boot camp, a high intensity circuit session in a park or a scenic run through the countryside. An outside Yoga session in the early morning can be a thing of beauty.

Register for an event. Entering an adventure race such as a Rat Race or a charity run can give you fresh motivation to change up your training in preparation for the big event.

Try a new method of training. If you like weight training but have been doing the same routine for a while, add something new. Kettlebell training can add a new dimension to weight training or venture into the functional fitness area of the Outlooks Gym for a different form of conditioning work.

Joining a new class can also provide a gateway to new forms of fitness. The environment offered by a class also offers valuable social support as well as providing a great workout opportunity.

Enjoy what you do

The key to continued health and fitness is to enjoy what you do. If your current fitness plan looks more like a recipe for torture, then hitting the refresh button this spring time could be the answer.

And remember, you don’t have to stick with something if you are not enjoying it. If you are stuck for ideas on how to change your routine, pop in to Kelsey Kerridge and have a chat with one of our knowledgeable staff. We will soon have you buzzing about fitness again.