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The beauty of blended exercise

Benefits of blended exercise

Since lockdown, when many of us had to resort to creating exercise space in our homes, there has been a rapid growth in at-home work outs. From sets of weights in the corner of the room to full on gamification of activities, never has it been easier to get your exercise fix without leaving the house.

In much the same way as there is a growing trend of blending office-based and working at home days, so the same is true of the fitness sphere. We still need the social aspect of seeing other people and interacting with them, but when that is not possible, what is available at home can bridge the gap.

A plethora of choice

When it comes to gamification of fitness, this is now a huge field of research and opportunity. Leadership boards, unlockable content, levels, badges and challenges are proving popular ways to motivate users. The cycling and running app Zwift, Bodycombat VR and Nerd Fitness Journey are three very different fitness apps, using very different parameters, but all aimed at motivating users to achieve higher levels of fitness. 

While at-home gyms offer convenience, there remains a deep rooted need for the energy and exhilaration that comes from working out with others. Research by global management company McKinsey says that the majority of regular exercisers favour a 60-40 split between gym-based and at-home workouts. There is also some evidence that fitness levels are higher among those favouring a blended exercise routine.

And in another piece of good news for gyms, a fitness report from MindBody’s Fitness research found that 35 per cent of people started going to a fitness class in a gym after trying an online version at home first. 

Going green for your own good

While at-home and gym-based activities are the core of blended exercise, there is also a move towards biophilia training. These are nature-based training sessions, in which people get a more holistic, sensory experience. It involves setting exercise activities – walking, cycling, running, cross-training, swimming – in the outdoor landscape. Advocates speak of the benefits of taking in the smells, scents and feelings of nature. Among the benefits cited are: the energy and vitality that people feel when exercising outdoors; improvements to mental health; a lowered blood pressure and heart rate; less chance of contracting coughs, colds and other viruses from other people, compared to the gym. 

A blended exercise is one of the new fitness trends of 2023, but a blended lifestyle take the concept one step further. By taking a balanced approach to health, fitness, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness, a blended lifestyle can significantly improve both health and well-being.

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