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What class? The choice is yours

At Kelsey Kerridge we pride ourselves on the wide range of fitness classes we offer our visitors. Whether you are after a high octane cardio session or a mind clearing, body stretching yoga class, we have it covered.

But, we are also very aware that joining an activity that you have never done before can be daunting, which is why we thought we would tell you a little bit about what you can expect from some of our lesser-known activities.

BrogaYoga – yoga for boys (and girls)

This is a Yoga class aimed at men, although women are very welcome. BrogaYoga is the class where it is okay of you can’t touch your toes, although by the end of a few sessions, that should all have changed. BrogaYoga combines core and muscle strengthening; cardio-working and stress-reducing movements. In other words it is the best of both extremes – energetic, pumped up cardio/strength combined with flexibility and relaxation.

Insanity – high class action

This is an intense, high energy workout which combines bodyweight resistance and high intensity cardio training. Throw in shedloads of abdominal work and you have a challenging, energetic and highly satisfying workout. The difference between insanity and HITT (see later in this article) is that Insanity requires you to work flat out for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) and the breaks are minimal.

Smash Hit fitness class

Intensive sculpt and tone – model behaviour

The Sculpt and Tone classes concentrate upon shaping specific parts of the body. Where Insanity and HITT is all about giving the entire body a challenging work out, this class is a more measured approach to exercise. It combines intensive aerobic and strength training exercises to give your body the shape you desire.

Smash HIT – keeping breaks to a minimum

Maximum interval training combined with short recovery periods is the HIT concept. HIT stands for High Intensity Training and, while classes can vary, the combination tends to be 20/30 seconds of high intensity, lung-busting work, followed by a short (10 seconds) break. The beauty of a HIT workout is that it is really tough but you know that there is a break coming up and the workout is never boring as there are so many rapid changes.

3-way combo – exercise class with a difference

A very different approach to training the whole body, the three-way combo is an innovative training method that combines the cardio workout of a step class, the body conditioning provided by a Dynaband session and the core-strength, flexibility and relaxation offered by the Pilates section of the workout.

Zumba – dancing to fitness

For those who love to work out to music, Zumba is a Latino-inspired dance fitness class. This is a very different, very fun way to get fit. The high energy dance moves provide a top cardio workout, while the class also incorporates sculpting exercises to tone the whole body.

Zumba fitness class







For any information on these or any of the other activities and classes offered at Kelsey Kerridge Gym and Sports Centre, just contact one of our members of staff who will be happy to talk through your questions or concerns.