Sticking to your New Year Resolutions

at Kelsey Kerridge we believe that in order to make changes in your life that will leave you healthier, fitter and happier, then New Year Resolutions are as good a place to start as anywhere.

Our team of fitness professionals in the Outlooks Gym believe the best way to keep New Year Resolutions is to set incremental, achievable goals and make those goals measurable. Incremental, achievable goals mean that you can get the motivational buzz of reaching a target regularly; measurable goals mean that you can actually see your progress. That is also a mighty strong motivational factor. Continue reading

Maintaining your fitness routine over Christmas

What with work social occasions, school nativity plays, carol concerts and any number of other commitments, the time you can allow yourself to exercise gets severely reduced. You don’t want to be the party pooper who turns down invites so you can keep up with your fitness routine over Christmas but you also know how horrible you will feel if you let everything go to pot. Continue reading

Fighting the cough or cold germs

The question for gym goers and those who love their exercise is whether you should still exercise if you are suffering a cough or cold? There are two parts to this question: the first is whether exercising with a cough or cld will help you recover or make things worse? The second question is one of etiquette – should you go to the gym with a cough or cold and risk infecting others? Continue reading

The steady way to lose weight effectively

The simple equation is calories in versus calories out. If you burn more calories than you eat, then you will lose weight.

Of course, it is much more complex than that but, we believe that simple messages and simple solutions are often the most effective.

There are a huge number of websites dedicated to weight loss so we have sifted through them to come up with some pointers that will help you lose weight effectively and safely. Continue reading

Exercise away the risk of an early death

In the Observer Magazine at the weekend, there was a small after-thought type article entitled ‘Exercises to help avoid an early death’.
While the threat of an early death is a bit strong, I thought it might be a good idea to reiterate just how good for us different forms of exercise can be.
First a reminder about the general benefits of exercising regularly, not just to avoid an early death, but to ensure a lifestyle that is as active, healthy and illness injury-free as possible.
There is the impact that regular exercise has upon the important systems that keep our bodies functioning. Cardio-vascular or aerobic exercise helps the muscles of the heart to stay strong, it helps the lungs to work efficiently and those two things combine to send oxygenated blood around the body efficiently. Continue reading

Fitness for office workers

Office workers will often arrive at their desks by 9am in the morning and then sit for three to four hours with little or no walking during that time. Lunchtimes may also include eating at the desk. Then it is back for another long period in a seated position.

The impact of this can be catastrophic on the health of office workers. Carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal injury, repetitive strain, arthritis and bursitis, circulatory problems, neck and back tension, spinal disc degeneration – these are just some of the issues that arise for people who sit for prolonged periods of time. Continue reading

Fit for work: It starts in the gym

Being fit for work is a very important factor in our lives. It is not something just associated with modern living. It has always been the case. Our ancient ancestors needed to be fit to hunt, to gather, to fight, to cultivate the land and to build their settlements. Today, we need to be fit in mind and body to survive and thrive in the work place. And much of what we do in the gym can be closely linked to the things that we do in order to achieve our goals at work. Continue reading

Is group cycling class the best way to fitness?

Spin class, otherwise known as indoor or group cycling is one of the most popular instructor-led activities at Kelsey Kerridge, and with very good reason.
The intensive activity offers all sorts of health benefits. Firstly there is the cardiovascular aspect of the spin class. Working in nothing less than medium intensity and usually ramped up to near maximum, your heart and lungs are getting a fantastic workout. Continue reading