Fitness for office workers

Office workers will often arrive at their desks by 9am in the morning and then sit for three to four hours with little or no walking during that time. Lunchtimes may also include eating at the desk. Then it is back for another long period in a seated position.

The impact of this can be catastrophic on the health of office workers. Carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal injury, repetitive strain, arthritis and bursitis, circulatory problems, neck and back tension, spinal disc degeneration – these are just some of the issues that arise for people who sit for prolonged periods of time. Continue reading

Train like a luge athlete

To celebrate the success of our British Luge team at the Winter Olympics, we have put together a training schedule for potential luge athletes. While having a go, just take a second to imagine what Yarnold, Deas and Parson put their bodies through. All at Kelsey Kerridge offer our huge congratulations to the GB Luge team. Continue reading

Keeping fit while raising a family

Keeping fit while raising a family is a challenge that many people are facing right now. Lost sleep, demands on your time, demands on your attention, let’s face it, going to the gym and keeping your body at peak fitness is hardly at the top of your priorities when you are also being mum or dad. But there isn’t any reason why you can’t get some exercise in during your child-raising years, it is just a matter of compromise and imagination. Continue reading

Spinning a success story

The benefits of spinning are there for all to see: low impact on the joints, high cardio rate – spinners work at 75-96% of their maximum heart rate, great music to take your mind off the pain and no slippery roads or irate car drivers to negotiate on your bike. Continue reading

Running your way to fitness

Our latest article focuses on the exercise that is the simplest and, to my mind, the most effective way of keeping fit and healthy – running.

Whatever your level at the moment, running is an activity which always offers room for personal improvement as well as new challenges. Continue reading

Rowing fitness for everyone

Rowing is under-rated as a source of cardio vascular exercise. The rowing machine is the only cv machine that truly works your upper body muscles and, when you are rowing, it really is all or nothing. Rowing fitness is a great way to all-round high levels of fitness. Continue reading

Moving on to a new chapter

Whether you are a 17-year-old deciding it is time to hang up your netball kit to concentrate on ‘A’ Levels, a 30-year-old who has come to the end of a starry soccer career, someone whose sporting excellence was cut short by injury, or just someone deciding enough is enough – moving on at the end of an all-consuming sporting career is a difficult decision.
Whatever the reason, there is no need for anyone to completely turn their back on sport. Just as one door closes, so another may well open. Continue reading