Tennis players – the fittest athletes on the planet

I really believe tennis players are the fittest athletes on the planet.
Okay, I am talking about the elite tennis players. Those guys and gals who play the international circuit and are ranked in the top 50-100 places in the world but, even so, every tennis player can follow an elite athlete’s training programme, even if they cannot hit the sweet spot or smash a winner every time. Continue reading

Christmas gifts for fitness enthusiasts

It’s the festive season and the time of year when we should be kicking back, chilling out and spending time with family and friends. What we don’t want is for Christmas Eve to arrive and we are still trawling the shops searching for presents. Avoid that last minute panic over Christmas gifts with our ultimate guide to Christmas gifts for fitness enthusiasts. Continue reading

Breathing – the key to a healthy life

Taking a proper full breath is more than just taking life-giving oxygen into your body – breathing properly bathes the organs in new blood and oxygen; it gently slows the heartbeat, stabilises blood pressure and improves digestion. It actually makes you feel lighter and more relaxed. It also helps you sleep better. The difference between both your physical and mental state once you learn how to take a full breath can be quite incredible. Continue reading

Kelsey Kerridge – something for everyone

The aim at Kelsey Kerridge is to provide something for all the people of Cambridge, no matter their age or ability. There is the sports hall, which allows work teams to play social football, pairs to play badminton, groups of friends to have a basketball session – it even attracted A-list film stars Matt Damon and George Clooney one memorable Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

Val proves age is no barrier

Just over 10 years ago I interviewed Val, one of Kelsey Kerridge’s most loyal and oldest customers. At the time, Val was in the centre four or five times a week and had just completed a half marathon in Milton Keynes. Last week I caught up with Val again. Now approaching her 85th year, Val is still as sprightly, vibrant and energetic as ever. Continue reading