Kelsey Kerridge – something for everyone

The aim at Kelsey Kerridge is to provide something for all the people of Cambridge, no matter their age or ability. There is the sports hall, which allows work teams to play social football, pairs to play badminton, groups of friends to have a basketball session – it even attracted A-list film stars Matt Damon and George Clooney one memorable Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

Val proves age is no barrier

Just over 10 years ago I interviewed Val, one of Kelsey Kerridge’s most loyal and oldest customers. At the time, Val was in the centre four or five times a week and had just completed a half marathon in Milton Keynes. Last week I caught up with Val again. Now approaching her 85th year, Val is still as sprightly, vibrant and energetic as ever. Continue reading

New term, new fitness classes

With more than 19 different fitness classes offered regularly at the Outlooks Gym at Kelsey Kerridge, we thought it was worth taking a closer look at some of the activities on offer and what the classes can do for you and your fitness regime.

Smash Hit fitness class

First a general word about classes. The two big benefits of fitness classes are: firstly they introduce variety into your workout, which is essential to keep you motivated and interested in working out; secondly, they provide a social element to your fitness regime, which for many people is also a source of motivation.

Which classes you choose to do is very much down to personal preference although, if you are looking for ideas then the staff at Kelsey Kerridge will be all too pleased to point you in the right direction.

If it is a heart-raising, blood pumping workout that leaves you dripping in sweat and shaky in your quads then spinning, Insanity or Smash HIT are the classes for you. Spinning sees you on your bike, legs pumping at full max and the music providing the soundtrack to your work out. You may be a keen cyclist looking to develop some extra speed or looking for a chance to get some miles in during the winter; or you might be someone who wants a cool cardio workout – whichever fitness nut you are, spinning is a great, low impact, high energy workout.

Insanity and Smash HIT all rely on intense periods of workout. These workouts are great for both cardio fitness and muscular development, although the emphasis is on lung-busting cardio. The difference is the rest time and the intensity. Insanity pushes your body to the limits and then allows it to recover before you burst into action again; HIT (which stands for high intensity training) just keeps pushing until you can give no more.

Bootcamp Circuits, Pump It Up, Intensive Sculpt and Tone and Krunch and Kore are all about toning. There is definitely some cardio training within the sessions, but these classes are about working the whole body and bringing those muscles into play that will give you great definition. Based on military fitness, bootcamp is all about tough love – the instructors will work you to the point of exhaustion, but you’ll be best friends afterwards.

Krunch and Kore fitness class

For a very different type of fitness, Yoga and Pilates are all about slow, meditative fitness. Pilates works hard on abdominals and back muscles to give you a strong, firm core, while Yoga is all about total body flexibility. For a more in depth look at the difference between Yoga and Pilates read here.


Thighs, Bums and Tums really does do what it says on the can. The exercises – a combination of aerobic exercise and strength and conditioning – targets the areas of the body that tend to store fat. This is a great way to meet other like-minded people who have a very definite aim for their exercise class.

These are just a few of the many activities on offer. Each and every class is led by instructors who are highly trained and very knowledgeable and would be pleased to answer any questions you might have. How much you get from the classes is entirely down to you, if you work at 100 per cent for the duration of the class, you will feel 100 per cent better when you leave the activity area.

Energy Blast fitness class

And if you had any doubts left about the benefits of activity classes, here are five reasons to get along to Kelsey Kerridge:

Be motivated – skilled instructors, friendly peers, pumping music and exciting, new movements, what’s not to like?
Increase your energy – you might be tired when you hit the gym, but the energy that buzzes around the room in an exercise class will soon stir you from your torpor.
Lose the intimidation – going to the gym alone can be a scary business. By joining a group you will get help and support from both the instructors and your classmates.
Make friends – new to the area? New to the gym? By joining a class you are likely to meet like-minded people, make friends and open new doors to social groups.
Beat time constraints – by committing to a regular class, you will know when you are exercising and for how long, which means you are far better able to plan your week and ensure that fitness features in those plans.

Fitness and disability

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Balance is the key to health

What is becoming more and more apparent is the need to mix up the groups a little to avoid overuse and stress injuries. There are many benefits to putting your body under stress, doing tough workouts, running hard paces and lifting heavy weights – and you will tend to do these types of exercise in the activity that you are most knowledgable about and comfortable with. But, these workouts are not right for our lives if they are the only things we do. Continue reading