Cardio Training vs Weights

It is an age-old discussion – which is the best fitness method, cardio training or weight-training. The first thing to say is that both methods of training do different things and are good for you in different ways and under different circumstances. They are also not mutually exclusive, they both contain an element of each other, so cardio activities will hold an element of resistance work, while weight-training will comprise some aerobic activity. Continue reading

Boxercise punches above its weight

Boxercise is just one of the many classes we run at Kelsey Kerridge. For those who are new to the idea, boxercise is effectively, boxing without the pain of being punched.

It is based on the training concepts used by boxers to keep fit – and let’s face it, the toned abs, wiry torso and rock hard biceps are the envy of any fitness fanatic – and can be used by anyone of any fitness level. Continue reading