Stuck for time? Try Tabata

Lunge Squat

The saying goes that any work out is better than no workout. When you are stuck for time, sometimes you need a short, sharp workout that will see you physically and mentally satisfied.

This is where Tabata training comes in. This is a form of high intensity interval training (HITT), which focuses on short, sharp exercises. You work at maximum capacity for 20 seconds and then take a 10 second break before repeating eight times in total. The exercises can be adapted to any fitness level and Tabata training has been recognised as an effective way of improving aerobic fitness as well as building muscle and burning fat.  Continue reading

Short on time? A HIIT workout is the answer

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a very specific and particular form of exercise which can give you both a great work out and fast results.

In essence, HITT is a cardio session arranged as short bursts of very hard work. In order for an exercise to be classed as HITT, you must be working at your maximum for every set or repetition. For that reason, the sets are short – from 20-90 seconds. Continue reading