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Why wearable fitness gadgets are the ones to watch






There are more than 250 million wearable fitness gadgets being worn by people around the world at the moment. It is a market that is set to develop and grow even more in the next few years. Developers of gym tech are working hard to combine fitness and fashion in a clever and compelling way.

From clunky to funky

It wasn’t so long ago that early adopters were all wired up with clunky bands around their chests. These relayed information about heart rate to an enormous watch on their wrists. Now it is all so much more streamlined and user friendly.

It is also so much more informative. At the most basic level, users of wearable fitness technology can see how fast they are moving and how hard they are working. They can also see when the calories being burnt.

More advanced gadgets can offer information on the release of certain biochemicals, sleeping patterns and also warn of health issues such as seizures.

Taking responsibility through wearable fitness gadgets

As a motivational tool, wearable fitness gadgets are a big plus. A user can keep any eye on the amount of steps they have walked, the amount of time they have spent sitting for one period, or the number of calories burnt during the day. It allows the user to take responsibility for their fitness based on a deeper level of self-awareness.

When it comes to setting and tracking goals, wearable fitness gadgets are a great resource. A user can track physical activity and store it to view later or to provide comparable data. This gives users the ability to set short- and long term goals and then track progress towards them.

The future of exercise is looking even more tech gadget-driven. Market analysts CCS Insight has predicted that next year more than 411 million smart wearable devices will be sold, with wristbands accounting for 164 million of those devices and watches a further 110 million.

Here, in brief, are some key ways that wearable fitness gadgets can help you improve your fitness.

Progress monitoring

Statistics will help you monitor the steps you take in a day, the miles you have run and the speed at which you have been moving. Most people who run or cycle like to know how far and how fast they have been moving, so this is a great way to monitor performance.

Motivation boost

According to a study by fitness product provider Peak Fitness – Mercola, fitness tracking devices stimulate a hefty increase in fitness and exercise among the wearers. Devices make working our seem less like a chore and more like a fun activity. There is also the mental boost of achieving a goal or beating a personal best.


Not only do wearable fitness gadgets monitor your fitness but they are also a way of monitoring your health. As you become familiar with your body’s reaction to exercise, you will notice any abnormal behaviour. If you find your heart rate is going up quicker than normal as you exercise, or you are seeing irregular patterns, then that is a warning that you should consult a doctor.

Setting new targets

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Increasing or changing the challenge is important when it comes to improving fitness levels. Whether you are a runner chasing a personal best or someone who wants to lose weight, goal setting on a regular basis is the way to move forwards. By examining your own statistics you can recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, you can increase your fitness challenges and stay motivated.


Wearable technology is also a useful tool for ensuring that you move. Most people lead lives where much of their time is spent sitting at a desk. A reminder to move more can prove really helpful, as well as beneficial to health.

Wearable fitness gadgets are getting slimmer, smarter and even more intuitive. For people who lead busy lives and want help to keep their fitness and well-being on track, they can be an invaluable piece of fitness equipment.

For advice on the best way to workout using a wearable fitness gadget, speak to one of the staff in Outlooks Gym or Free Weights gym.