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Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre offers various memberships & pay-as-you-go usage plans.

Fitness Classes

Kelsey Kerridge provides a wide variety of Fitness Classes that will improve overall cardio-vascular fitness and tone up muscle and burn up surplus fat.

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Outlooks Gym

Outlooks Gym is situated on the top floor of Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre overlooking Parker's Piece.

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Free Weights Gym

This extensive facility features machine and free-weights for those interested in strength training and body building.

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Sports Centre

A selection of sports are offered at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre. From Badminton to Martial Arts.

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Offering a wide range of indoor sports, leisure facilities and gyms for the community of Cambridge and beyond. The best way to assess the facilities is to come along and see for yourself.

Opening Times:

Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre is open 7 days a week from 9am to 11pm daily (Bank Holidays 9am - 7pm)

How To Find Us:

Located opposite Parkers Piece, just a short walk from the Grafton Shopping Centre or the Market Square in Cambridge City Centre.


Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre, Queen Anne Terrace, Cambridge, CB1 1NA

Tel: (01223) 462226

Reception available 9am to 10pm 7 days a week

Please note; emails are only monitored office hours Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm. We aim to respond to emails within a day.

Get in touch:

Do you have an enquiry?

You can contact us on 01223 462226 or by completing the online enquiry form below (please note; emails are only monitored office hours Monday to Friday 9am-4pm. We aim to respond to emails within a day)

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    We look forward to welcoming back all our members from Wednesday 2nd December!

    No need to book for gyms as before.

    Climbing Wall still needs to be booked in advance as before.

    Classes to be confirmed later this week depending on which local tier we are in.
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    Using your extra downtime to start a hobby is a smart way to look after body and mind.

    As we move into the second month of lockdown, the novelty has well and truly worn off. Some may have relished the opportunity to work from home in their pyjamas. All have definitely had their fill of boxsets. And while many will have diligently continued working on their body, live-streaming workouts to their living room, there’s plenty of untapped opportunity to boost your brain as well.

    Here we list five hobbies you can use to give your health a lift.

    Whether it’s doodling or just colouring in it doesn’t matter. Stance’s community of artists have created a drawing pack for you; there are seven print at home designs to choose from. Don’t have a printer? No problem, download them onto an iPad and colour them in using a free app like Adobe Sketch.

    And that could be anything from baking to brewing your own beer or kombucha. You can join the throngs now using their loaf and following the Bread Ahead baking tutorials on Instagram.

    Journalling, as we now know, is a powerful tool for your immune health. It can also help to empty your head of anxieties and reduce stress. But there’s also plenty of room to get creative. The Masterclass app hooks you up with tutorials from the best writers and poets to ever do it. Why not learn to write a thriller from Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code.

    When this lockdown is finally lifted you’ll no doubt be itching to travel. Well, why not prepare and extend your vocabulary beyond what’s required to order two beers at the poolside bar. Duolingo is the self-proclaimed best way to learn a new language, and not only will it help to boost your creativity, it’ll prove there are more ways to get what you want on holiday than simply speaking English louder.

    It’s the thing so many of us regret: giving up piano lessons after grade 3. Now is your chance to rekindle your passion. Learning an instrument relieves stress and also improves brain power and, just as with writing, the Masterclass app lets you learn from some of the greats. Learn to play the guitar like Carlos Santana, master Jazz with Herbie Hancock, or even produce a dance track with Deadmau5.
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    Following the Governments announcement on 31st October we regret that we will be closing from 11pm on Wednesday 4th November until restrictions are lifted, which current guidance suggests is 2nd December

    There is no need to cancel your membership. All Direct Debits memberships will be frozen, and no money will be taken until we reopen. An appropriate adjustment to your first payment back will be made for any days lost if applicable

    For any short-term memberships (3,6 or 12 months paid in advance) we will add on the number of days that we are closed to the end of your current membership expiry date

    All bookings paid for in advance will be credited or moved to another date

    We wish all our customers well and thank you for your patience at this difficult time. We will look forward to welcoming you back soon
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