The unstable benefits of sandbag training

One of the most important pieces of understanding that anyone contemplating a weight training programme should possess, is knowing how to promote good stability within your workout. Simply looking at the amount of weight being lifted can be misleading and can lead to injury. The instability of a weight and the position of our body may be more important in stimulating muscle movement than the heaviness of the weight Continue reading

Benefits of weight training: part 1

There are so many facets to fitness training but, here at Kelsey Kerridge, we would argue that one of the corner stones of a great fitness regime is weight training.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a keen gym-goer or a complete beginner, weight training is the way to build a great foundation from which all your other fitness activities can develop. Continue reading

Mental health: let’s think positively

By looking at mental health in a positive sense we can improve our performance. How do you train your brain to become as mentally healthy as it is possible to be? Rather than focusing on the negative “this is what poor mental health did to me”, let’s take a look at the positive: “my strong mental health allowed me to ….” Continue reading

Small steps to greatness

James is a true survivor. He has suffered two bouts of cancer in the past 10 years, including one particularly vicious strain that transformed him from a 14 stone, lithe, athletic man into a six stone, emaciated body who couldn’t lift his head from the hospital pillow. The reason for telling James’ story on this forum is because so much of what he says is relatable to us all. Sport and physical activity has not only helped James return to full health but it has boosted his self-confidence and helped him overcome deep depressive moments. Continue reading