Sandbag fitness, simple but effective

The sandbag – it is often the overlooked piece of kit on the gym floor, largely because people are unaware of how effective this simple piece of equipment can be. Go to the functional fitness area of the Outlooks Gym and you will see it – a bag shaped like a duffel bag. But just how challenging can that be? Well, the answer is ‘very’. Continue reading

Jump rope means never skipping a workout

Skipping or jump-rope as it has now become known as, is a perfect workout to tone abs, legs and arms in the most space, time and cost-effective way. Whether you want something new to try at the gym; a simple exercise to do in your lunch break or a simple way of keeping fit while travelling – jump rope is the perfect answer. Continue reading

Punchbag workouts that hit the spot

Boxing is one of the best activities for all-round fitness. Whether it is a boxercise class or a punchbag workout, it provides a high-intensity workout that helps with weight management as well as aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Not only do the shoulders and chest area get worked but also the abdominals and legs. Continue reading

A guide to mindfulness

For the past few years we have been more or less constantly bombarded with the idea of mindfulness. It’s sort of ironic that everywhere we look – Facebook, Twitter, online websites, health magazines etc – we are told to be ‘mindful’, when actually what we need to do is to stop being bombarded with instructions about mindfulness and instead be given time to be mindful. Continue reading

Holiday exercises

It’s holiday time.Time to down tools, walk out of the office and not think about anything except tan-lines and where to get the next glass of sangria.

The problem is, if you are anything like me, two days into your relaxing holiday, the muscles start to twitch, the legs feel full of energy and you know you are beginning to miss your daily work out. Continue reading

Take time to exercise

The pressure of not enough hours in the day is something that we all feel from time to time. Whether it is work, family or study commitments, finding the time to exercise can sometimes be tricky.
One solution is to break your exercise into smaller chunks, which can be slotted into your day but which add up to the same amount of exercise. This is a novel way to find time to exercise, but it can act as a way of varying your routine and, as a result, can be very effective. Continue reading