Train like a luge athlete

To celebrate the success of our British Luge team at the Winter Olympics, we have put together a training schedule for potential luge athletes. While having a go, just take a second to imagine what Yarnold, Deas and Parson put their bodies through. All at Kelsey Kerridge offer our huge congratulations to the GB Luge team. Continue reading

Sports nutrition: what to eat before and after a workout

What to eat before and after a workout?

It’s a very common question and, like so much in the world of health and fitness, the question of sports nutrition is one that has a myriad of answers. Much depends on the activity and the state of fitness of the person asking the question. Continue reading

Why joining an exercise class is a good idea

When you take part in an exercise class or workout in a group, you are doing more than just getting a good work out.

According to a study carried out at the University of New England, USA, by the American Osteopathic Association, taking part in an exercise class leads to lower levels of stress – sometimes as much as 26 per cent lower than people who exercise alone. Continue reading

Climb to new heights of fitness

Indoor Climbing in Cambridge

Go for a climb

The indoor climbing (bouldering) wall at Kelsey Kerridge is one of the most popular facilities in the centre. A stream of visitors climb regularly on the extensive wall space. The climb routes are continuously refreshed [every six weeks] and there are always staff members on hand to help beginners and more experienced climbers get the most from their bouldering experience. If you climb regularly, you are leading a trend, with climbing set to be a new sport at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Expect a whole new generation of budding mountaineers to be taking to the walls soon! Continue reading

Avoid hitting the quitting point

The start of the year is a boom time for gyms as people across the country make the resolution to get fitter. Whether it is to burn off an excess of festive fare, improve your levels of health, reduce your stress levels, train for an event or increase your social circles – at the start of a new year, many people will turn to the gym. Unfortunately, for many, hitting the quitting point follows on just a few months later. Continue reading

Keep fit at Christmas

It is a time of year when the temptations to eat, drink and party far outweighs the health benefits of exercise and diet. So yes, it is a challenge to keep fit at Christmas but, then, who said keeping fit and healthy was easy? Here, we offer a few tips and pieces of advice gleaned from personal trainers and health and fitness bloggers. Continue reading

  The benefits of a children’s sports party

There are all sorts of sports party activities on offer for children depending upon group size and the age of the children. Whether it is something competitive and high-tempo such as football, basketball or volleyball or something that involves technique and concentration, such as climbing or archery, giving the children the chance to get involved in a sporting activity is a perfect way to entertain a group of children while promoting a healthy attitude towards sport. Continue reading