Functional fitness training: not just for the everyday

For some people, exercise is a means to an end. It is the way that they stay fit and healthy to perform the day-to-day tasks that life throws at them. This is called functional fitness. It trains your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely, effectively and with little or no risk of injury. A good level of functional fitness means life’s challenges become easy to surmount. Continue reading

The rule of six and why climbing is so good for you

One activity that allows for social distancing is climbing. Under Covid restrictions, the number of participants on the wall at any one time is 14, which allows for a real sense of freedom and adventure. The routes up the bouldering wall range from straightforward to very challenging and, within the allowed two-hour slot, a climber can get a fantastic all-over workout as well as the mental stimulation of working out routes and techniques. Continue reading

Developing a positive relationship with exercise

One of our missions at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre and Gym is to help people discover exercise that they can enjoy and benefit from. We believe that, no matter how much a person might have disliked sport at school, there will be some activity that really appeals and catches their imagination. Our staff are here to help people who are interested in developing a positive relationship with exercise. Continue reading

Pubs to reopen before gyms? It makes no sense

With cinemas, pubs and hairdressers all allowed to resume business on 4 July, those within the health and leisure sector fully expected to follow the same timeline.

Here at Kelsey Kerridge, we have been ready for re-opening for weeks, after following industry and government guidelines to the letter. Our workforce was ready to welcome people back, social distancing restrictions are carefully planned and the entire place is – and will always be – cleaned to the strictest standard of hygiene we can attain. Continue reading

COVID Update – DECEMBER 2020

Following the Government’s announcement we regret that we will be closing from 4pm Christmas Eve until restrictions are lifted

There is no need to cancel your membership.  All Direct Debits memberships will be frozen, and no money will be taken until we reopen.  An appropriate adjustment to your first payment back will be made for any days lost if applicable

For any short-term memberships (3,6 or 12 months paid in advance) we will add on the number of days that we are closed to the end of your current membership expiry date

All bookings paid for in advance will be credited or moved to another date

We wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and New Year and look forward to welcoming you back soon

Exercising through the Corona Virus lock down

many people, particularly those with underlying health conditions or the over 70s, will not be able to come to the gym. For those people, and for anyone who feels safer exercising in their own homes, the following work out ideas are for you.

The simplest way to workout at home is to use your own body with a range of bodyweight exercises.
These exercises, particularly when completed as part of a non-stop circuit, will help build strength, increase endurance, tone muscles and burn calories. Continue reading

Virtual reality fitness gets real

As physical fitness experts continue to explore ways to entice people to add more activity into their lives, so they are increasingly turning to technology.

The advent of virtual reality (VR) exercise has provided a tool that could well encourage a whole new generation of people to take up activities – albeit in a completely new way.

Whether it takes the form of VR headsets, VR screens or virtual reality games, creating an imaginary and interactive world is a new and effective way of getting people to expend energy and move.  Continue reading