Off-season training for team sports

When the playing season ends – be it football, hockey, rugby or any other seasonal sport – the first thing you need to do is take some time away to give the body and mind time to relax and recover. Just put down the hockey stick, put away the boots, hide the mouth-guard. But, if you want to return to the field after the off-season in great shape then you will also need an off-season training plan. Continue reading

Keep cool – how to exercise safely in the heat

There are record temperatures raging across Europe as I write this fitness blog, so it seems a relevant moment to talk about how to exercise safely in the heat. This article is largely talking about running but the advice is equally true for any activity you are doing outside when temperatures hit the summer peaks. Continue reading

Why climbing helps you scale new heights

One of the huge attractions at Kelsey Kerridge is the climbing wall. The climbing centre, with its 200 square metre climbing surface attracts people of all ages and abilities. People who have a go at the activity tend to be instantly hooked, not just because of the adrenaline rush that climbing provides but because of the nature of the activity. Continue reading

Gym etiquette: how to do the right thing

Gym etiquette is all-important if the gym or health centre is to provide a safe and pleasant place for all users.

Think about it for a second: heavy weights, moving parts on machinery, exhausted bodies and minds, sweaty hands, towels lying around – it could be a recipe for a disaster if people are not switched on and aware of what is going on around them. Continue reading