Making the case for endorphins

We all know that one of the benefits of exercise is the release of the ‘feel-good’ endorphins, a powerful, naturally occurring substance that makes you feel elated and full of energy, despite just taking part in strenuous activity that should have made you feel tired.

Endorphins have actually been called the body’s natural opiate and scientists believe they react with specialised receptors in the brain and spinal column to hinder or block cells’ transmission of pain signal and trigger feelings of euphoria. Continue reading

Keeping fit while raising a family

Keeping fit while raising a family is a challenge that many people are facing right now. Lost sleep, demands on your time, demands on your attention, let’s face it, going to the gym and keeping your body at peak fitness is hardly at the top of your priorities when you are also being mum or dad. But there isn’t any reason why you can’t get some exercise in during your child-raising years, it is just a matter of compromise and imagination. Continue reading

Strength training for people with long-term health issues

For people with long-term health issues, regular exercise can be a daunting prospect. Just getting to a gym or a fitness class can be an effort, let alone actually putting a body that is constantly in pain through yet more stress.
However, advice from health, fitness and medical professionals all suggest that doing regular exercise can help alleviate many of the symptoms and pain suffered by people with chronic conditions. Continue reading

Welcome to the Free Weights Gym

The Free Weight Gym tends to attract people who are very serious about their exercise programme. Found on the same floor as the Kelsey Kerridge reception and Climbing Wall, the Free Weights Gym is an area dedicated to people who want to use free weights to build muscle, tone existing muscle and develop strength in parts or all of their body. Continue reading

Sandbag fitness, simple but effective

The sandbag – it is often the overlooked piece of kit on the gym floor, largely because people are unaware of how effective this simple piece of equipment can be. Go to the functional fitness area of the Outlooks Gym and you will see it – a bag shaped like a duffel bag. But just how challenging can that be? Well, the answer is ‘very’. Continue reading