Strength and conditioning for cyclists

Cycling’s popularity increases year-on-year. You may have swapped the car for the bike as part of your daily commute. You might have installed a stationary bike in front of your television so you can cycle while you watch your favourite shows. You might be part of the crazy crew that sweats for an hour in the Kelsey Kerridge Spin class or you may just enjoy tootling around the streets of Cambridge on your elegant sit-up bike. Whatever your cycling preference – you can be proud of the fact that you are getting a healthy and sustainable form of exercise.

Whatever your cycling choices, you can use the cycles in the gym or your own machine to improve your cycling and general fitness. And, in a bid to maintain or improve all-round fitness, we would suggest some strength and conditioning exercises to make sure the muscles used by keen cyclists also remain as strong and flexible as possible. Continue reading

Small steps to greatness

James is a true survivor. He has suffered two bouts of cancer in the past 10 years, including one particularly vicious strain that transformed him from a 14 stone, lithe, athletic man into a six stone, emaciated body who couldn’t lift his head from the hospital pillow. The reason for telling James’ story on this forum is because so much of what he says is relatable to us all. Sport and physical activity has not only helped James return to full health but it has boosted his self-confidence and helped him overcome deep depressive moments. Continue reading