Developing a positive relationship with exercise

One of our missions at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre and Gym is to help people discover exercise that they can enjoy and benefit from. We believe that, no matter how much a person might have disliked sport at school, there will be some activity that really appeals and catches their imagination. Our staff are here to help people who are interested in developing a positive relationship with exercise. Continue reading

Exercise away the risk of an early death

In the Observer Magazine at the weekend, there was a small after-thought type article entitled ‘Exercises to help avoid an early death’.
While the threat of an early death is a bit strong, I thought it might be a good idea to reiterate just how good for us different forms of exercise can be.
First a reminder about the general benefits of exercising regularly, not just to avoid an early death, but to ensure a lifestyle that is as active, healthy and illness injury-free as possible.
There is the impact that regular exercise has upon the important systems that keep our bodies functioning. Cardio-vascular or aerobic exercise helps the muscles of the heart to stay strong, it helps the lungs to work efficiently and those two things combine to send oxygenated blood around the body efficiently. Continue reading