Rugby fitness with two of the game’s stars

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup in full swing, we thought it was a good idea to offer up some tips on rugby fitness. To get some expert advice we called on two England super stars, Lewis Moody and Emily Scarrett.

Preparing your body for the physical challenge posed by playing rugby is key to remaining as injury-free as possible. This is why rugby players will spend a lot of time on a good warm-up. Not only does a well-structured warm-up get the body ready for the inevitable knocks of a match, but it is also a chance to get the brain ready. Continue reading

Off-season training for team sports

When the playing season ends – be it football, hockey, rugby or any other seasonal sport – the first thing you need to do is take some time away to give the body and mind time to relax and recover. Just put down the hockey stick, put away the boots, hide the mouth-guard. But, if you want to return to the field after the off-season in great shape then you will also need an off-season training plan. Continue reading